Tuesday, September 30, 2008

After observing Ramadan for the past month my beautiful friend Arsia is about to celebrate Eid ul Fitr so today's scraps are for her and all muslims around the world. Thank you Arsia for all I've learnt from you about the spiritual path you walk.

Monday, September 22, 2008

September Blue

As this time rolls around each year I feel the paradox of the joy of new life inherent in the spring equinox balanced by the sadness of the remembrance of times past. Each year I do a 'project' to honor Jason, some years it was spending time working at youth shelters, other years working with bereaved parents, but this year as a scrapper I decided to run a YELLOW RIBBON-HERE FOR LIFE challenge at SBF for the month of September which is International Suicide Prevention month. At the same time I entered an AWARENESS CAMPAIGN challenge in memory of someone we've lost, and I was incredibly emotional to find that one of my three pages had taken 2nd place in the challenge on Jason's anniversary of all days! But the most moving thing about it all is that one of my scrapper friends from across the ocean created a charity kit for suicide prevention on her blog. Please if you have ever been touched by or know someone who has been touched by suicide, pop along to Leah's blog for this kit. Make sure you tell her Sassy sent you and dont forget to show your appreciation for anything you find there.