Thursday, October 2, 2008

Yellow Ribbon - Here for Life

The Yellow Ribbon Program aims to educate youth so that they feel comfortable in asking for help within all kinds of typical, everyday situations; situations ranging from problems such as frustration, bullying, fears and phobias, family problems, school problems, homework, peer issues, sports problems, drug problems, anger problems, relationship difficulties, depression, sadness, grief to thoughts of self-harming behaviour. Yellow Ribbon also supports communities and families wishing to help young people through these difficult phases and times. And after I raised this issue at SBF during the International Suicide Prevention month of September some beautiful souls in the scrapbooking community have banded together to help Turn the Tide on Suicide by creating Charity Kits for the Yellow Ribbon Programme. To find out more about how you too can help go visit Leah at Leahs Frogs Creations Meanhwhile here's a preview of the charity kits on offer in return for a minimum $5 donation to the Yellow Ribbon programme.

oh and while you're there have your speakers on because Leah's music list rocks!