Saturday, April 10, 2010

Ostara Odyssey

One of many kits in her Wheel of the Year Series, ancient pagan and modern christian traditions are beautifully interwoven in this ode to spring. Ostara was the ancient holiday that celebrated the eternal cycle of rebirth and renewal, and the colors and textures of this kit reflect the freshness of the season whichever way you celebrate it. You'll notice that this kit can also be used for Easter but it's so versatile that you could also use it for a unisex baby layouts.

16 papers and 41 elements all at 300dpi. Shadows for display purposes only.

Ostara Odyssey by Nutkin Tailz Designs is available now at Nuts4Digi

the delightful Mz Chloe and her first easter

Mz Chloe meets the Easter Bunny

a lesson nature to be learnt from nature

and saving the best for last ... my sister's first grandchild
Carter James and his mother Stacey

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