Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sometimes life has a way of getting in the way of what we really want to be doing, and thats certainly been the case for the first quarter of this year! By christmas I was in so exhuasted from the chronic pain I'd been experiencing from what was put down my "arthritis" I was ready to cut off my arms and legs just to get relief. But rather than do this I went back to my old doctor for a second opinion and this lead to 2 months of exhaustive investigations which finally resulted in a diagnosis of FMS, for which there is no cure, just a long haul of treatment protocols ahead. After almost a month now on immunosuppressants I can say the pain is being managed reasonably well and I've regained the energy I was so lacking for so long. Life is indeed good again and its been reflected in a renewed motivation for scrapbooking. Lesley from Nutkintailz Designs also has been on sabbatical while she sorted out issues in her life but is back designing so you will be seeing a lot of kits here again. But for now here's a couple a layouts inspired by the journey ahead, and to serve as reminders when my spirits flag.

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Lesley said...

wahooooooo we're back :)...and a great team we are too...let's hope all goes to plan this time around...and no more of those cracks in the road that seem to turn into dirty big craters that we fall into and find it really hard to climb our way back out...great pages too