Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Web of Wyrd

"Wyrd, the old English word from which we gain our modern word, “weird” refers to a complex relationship between fate and free will. We are said to have our Wyrd, our destiny, but in many pre christian spiritualities it was thought we are obliged to work constructively with our Wyrd, seeking to understand it and seeking to work consciously in partnership with it. An understanding of Wyrd reveals that the true nature of time is non-linear. Behind apparent chaos there is invisible order, and behind randomness there is also order and design. All is interwoven, and this is the web of Wyrd."
These words from Russ Gardener sum up my deeply held philosophy about life. All is interconnected and all is as is meant to be. We are where we are meant to be when we are meant to be there, and if we are open to it, people come into our lives when we most need them to ... to facilitate lessons we are here to learn ... to share our joys or our sorrows ... to walk the journey we call life with us for a time. Whatever their purpose, there is a reason they are there at that time, as we too have a purpose for being in their lives at any given moment. I often use the term WoW, as in a WoW moment or I will hear a story and simply smile inside thinking "ah the WoW at work again"

Scrapbooking has been no exception. I came to this world just a year ago in response to a page my niece showed me of her daughter, and I began a journey that has had those moments of WoW. I've met people who I've learnt so much from, and I like to think my presence in their lives has had meaning for them too (in fact I know it has, but more of that another time). I do know that I will come across a designer or a kit or a QP at just the right time, or someone will contact me about a page I've published saying how it reflected what they were experiencing at that very time. But for now I just wanted to share today's scrap which depicts the WoW as I understand it.
The layout was created using a QP from Anita's "Simple Beauty" kit at Nana's Attic. You can get it and much more of her wonderful kits HERE

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Linda Walton aka bobbysgirlforever said...

Hi Karyn!!! Stopping by to leave you some LOVIN' in these last two weeks of my madness before the BIG DAY for Joan!!!

Love the WIDGET and I think I'll grab one to use on my blog for the next two weeks!!!

I am in TOTAL agreement with you. Whatever one believes, I am a GREAT believer in ALL things for a purpose and that all things are meant-to-be. It surely has allowed me to live in TOTAL peace with myself, my friends, family and ALL of mankind!

Have a GORGEOUS day love and you are getting close to to your BIG DAY as well! Thank you for all of the LOVELY comments you leave when downloading and for your continued support!

Linda :)